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Gas Infrared Radiant Tube Heaters

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Superior Radiant Tube Heater Application Photos

Superior Radiant Products (SRP) is infrared industry's standard bearer for single stage, 2 stage, residential, low clearance and even fully modulating tube heaters. The A series burner (shown above with exposed motor fan) and the X series burner (shown above with fan concealed) utilize the highest standards of quality construction and technology.

Common among all Superior tube heaters is a 100% radiant efficient reflector (the best in the industry), burners that can be direct wired to a 24V thermostat or tied to a 120V thermostat, a post-purge feature built into the circuitry (for enhanced tube life and operational safety), double-band couplings and heavy chrome plated hangars (for rigidity and ease of installation), and a control compartment that separates electronics from the air stream (for ease of service and prolonged life of circuitry).  All Superior tube heaters carry a 3 year warranty on the burner and controls and 10 years on emitter tubing (heat-treated aluminized steel). Superior Radiant tube heaters are the best in the industry - backed by the best warranty in the industry!

A Tube Heater for Every Need!

Superior's U series single stage tube heater is the workhorse of the entire product line. It is an A grade tube heater with all of the aforementioned features and the most common heater sold. The number one heater for small shops up to the largest aircraft hangars, warehouses and manufacturing facilities. 

Superior's L series is a low ceiling even heat tube heater, designed specifically for low entryways, animal confinement facilities, patios and other low ceiling areas where heat is softer and more evenly distributed along the length of the tube heater.  No other manufacturer offers this technology.

Next, Superior's T series model offers dual output (two stage) burners, which automatically operate in high-fire and low fire modes for quicker heat recovery, enhanced fuel savings, and greater comfort.

All of the above series burners can be totally enclosed and sealed for use in wash bays, animal confinement buildings, dairy barns, hog houses, enclosed pools, patios and other corrosive environments. For additional protection, all components (tubes, reflectors, burner housings and couplings) can be ordered in stainless steel.

New since 2103: we offer the AM (Modulus) series  - a fully modulating tube heater with a 40% turn down ratio. The AM series is unique in that it adapts to the temperature fluctuations in the space, emitting only the amount of BTU's needed to keep the space comfortable as determined by the modulating thermostatic control. Modulation creates a more comfortable environment and generates up to 30% fuel savings over conventional tube heaters.

Finally, we offer the UAG series residential garage tube heater in either a 40,000 BTU or 60,000 BTU burner size. Approved for attached garages, these burners can be matched to a 10 foot, 15 foot or 20 foot tube heater length to fit the needs of just about any garage space.

We've got you convered.  Whatever the application, Superior Radiant has the broadest range of radiant tube heaters compared to any other manufacturer, allowing you the flexibility to specify the right system for any job.

Why Choose Superior Radiant? (click this link for a more detailed discussion about what makes Superior Radiant tube heaters the best in the industry and how they can benefit you).

For catalog, literature, specifications and installation/operation information, please call us at 801-571-0036 (Salt Lake Area) or toll free at 1-800-566-6893. 

Specifications - Series UA and UX  Single Stage Infra-Red Tube Heaters

                                                                                 Clearance to Combustibles
Model                 Rate BTU/HR       Length                     Top    Side    Below           
UA(X)04N               40,000            10',20'                       2"      18"      45"
UA(X)06N               60,000            20',30'                       2"      25"      58"
UA(X)08N               80,000            20',30',40'                 2"      26"      62"
UA(X)10N               100,000          20',30',40'                 2"      30"      67"
UA(X)12N               125,000          30',40',50'                 4"      33"      71"
UA(X)15N               150,000          40',50',60'                 4"      36"      74"
UA(X)17N               175,000          50',60'                       6"      40"      78"
UA(X)20N               205,000          50',60',70'                 6"      44"      80"
UA(X)22N               220,000          60',70'                       6"      46"      83"

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