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Eskabe Direct Vent Wall Heaters

Eskabe direct vent gas heaters are the perfect solution for room and zone heating in areas such as   bedrooms, dens, offices, cabins, room additions, garages, workrooms, sunrooms, bonus rooms, lofts family rooms and more.

Eskabe heaters come a with dual wall vent kit.  Just get the gas to the heater and cut a round hole in the wall (up to 12 inches thick).  Then install the flue.  No electrical is required.  Continues to operate during power outages.  Optional injectors are available at no charge for high elevations.


- Affordable
- Safe around small children and pets
- Stylish design - not boxy like some other brands
- Available in Natural or Propane gas
- CSA Approved in the U.S. (except Mass.) and Canada
- 5 year limited warranty
- Comes in three 3 different sizes:

Model DVEL 8 (heats up to 200 sq. ft.) Manual OFF and hi-lo settings
       8,000 BTU/hr.   Dimensions: 20" H x 13 5/8" W x 7 3/8" D   - 35 lbs.

Model DVEL 12 (heats up to 275 sq. ft.) Modulating Thermostatic Control      
       11,000 BTU/hr.  Dimensions: 20" H x 17 3/8" W x 7 5/8" D  - 45 lbs.

Model DVEL 20 (heats up to 475 sq. ft.) Modulating Thermostatic Control
       17,000 BTU/hr.  Dimensions: 20" H x 27 3/8" W x 8 3/8" D  - 55 lbs.


Rinnai Direct Vent Wall Furnaces


Model ES38 Energy Saver Direct Vent Wall Furance
BTU High         BTU Low          

38,400 NG      10,500 NG          
36,500 LP       10,500 LP        

Dimensions:  H -  26 3/8"   W -  36 5/8"   D -  13"  

Model ES17 / ES22  Energy Saver Direct Vent Wall Furnace

(ES17)     BTU High        BTU Low        Dimensions:
              16,700 NG      8,300 NG        H-  22 7/8"         
              16,700 LP       8,300 LP        W-  29 7/8"   
                                                        D-  10 1/8""

(ES22)     BTU High        BTU Low        Dimensions:      
              21,500 NG      8,200 NG        H-  22 7/8""    
              20,700 LP       8,200 NG       W-  29 7/8"
                                                        D-   10 1/8""

Models ES08 / ES11 Energy Saver Direct Vent Wall Furnace

Model ES08    BTU High      BTU Low
    Nat.             8,000              3,000
     LP              8,000              3,000

Model ES11    BTU High         BTU Low
    Nat.             11,000             5,500
    LP               11,000             5,700

Dimensions:   H -  27 3/8"    W -  18 1/4"   D -  10 1/8""    



Energy Saver direct vent wall furnaces are among the most technologically advanced furnaces in the industry.  Desgined for heating efficiency, Energy Savers operate on a unique 7-stage modulating gas valve and blower control.  Instead of just on or off, like most furnaces, the Energy Saver ramps up or down automatically, in stages, to find just the right heat output and air velocity for optimum comfort.  The result is fewer on/off cycles, which produces less wear on the furnace, while greatly enhancing energy savings and creature comfort.  In addition, because the Energy Saver runs for longer stretches of time at a low output, connected spaces become warm as well.  Depending on the size of the total space, an Energy Saver can often be used as a whole house heater.  For a more thorough treatment of how the Energy Saver works, click here.


Whisper Quiet Operation
LED Temperature Display
Push Button Controls
Cool-to-the-touch Cabinetry
Child Safety Lock
Smart 7-stage modulating gas control
Integral Humidifier
Advanced Electronic Circuitry
10 year limited warranty on Heat Exchanger
5 year warranty on Parts
2 year labor warranty
Optional vent extension kits

Energy Saver applications include:

Home Additions
Custom Garages
Field Offices
As a whole house heater

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