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Superior Radiant Gas Fired Infrared Tube Heaters and High Intensity Heaters, UA series, UX series, UXR series, UA100, UA125, UA150, UA80, UA/UX, TA, TX, TXR, TA100, L series, low ceiling tube heatersEnerco High Intensity Infrared Heaters, 8060 NPP, 8060 NDSP-5, 4040 LPP, 4040 NDSP-5, 4040 LA-5, 4040 LPP, H25N, H22L, HS25N, HS25L, MH25N, MH22L, 9100SRinnaiChromalox HVH, KUH Electric Garage and shop heatersFostoria Industries (TPI, Corp.)Mr. Heater, MH42T, MH24T, MH12T, H25N, H22L, Construction Heater, outdoor heater, salamander heater, HS55FAV, MH55FAV, HS80CV, MH80 CV, HS200CV, MH200VCQmarkVal 6 Diesel Fired Infrared HeaterEskabe Direct Vent Wall Heater, DVEL 8, DVEL 12, DVEL 20

Garage & Shop Heaters

What's the best way to heat a garage?  With so many types of garage spaces, heating requirements and budgets, its good to have options.  The following represents our best selling heaters for residential garages and small shops. Click "More Info" to learn more.
Enerco Garage HeaterModel H25N/H22L Heater Specifications

H25N 25,000 BTU/HR. Nat. Gas
H22L 22,000 BTU/HR. LP Gas

Length:  29 3/4"
Width:  12 1/4"
Height:  7-0"
Weight: 22 Lbs.

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HeatStar HST45 Garage/Shop HeaterHeat Star HST45
Heater Specifications

45,000 BTU/HR
Natural or LP Gas

Length - 10'
Width - 13 1/2"
Height - 9"

91 lbs.

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  Superior Radiant UAG

  Model UAG 40 Nat. or LP
  40,000 BTU - 10' or 20'

  Model UAG 60 Nat. or LP
  60,000 BTU - 15' or 20'

Superior GR30/GR45
Model GR30 Nat. or LP (30,000 BTU/HR)
Model GR45 Nat. or LP (45,000 BTU/HR)
(pic shows heater with optional deco-grille)

Length: 118"
Width:  19"
Depth:  8"
Weight:  105 lbs.
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Heat Star Gas Unit HeaterHeat Star Model HSU45 Unit Heater

Model HSU45 (45,000 BTU's)
Natural or LP gas
Length:  25"
Width:  18"
Height:  12"
Weight:  50 lbs.

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HVH Series Electric
Heater Specifications

Model HVH 5.0
   17,065 BTU's
Model HVH 7.5
   25,598 BTU's
Model HVH 10.0
   34,130 BTU's

Width: 17-1/8
Height: 20-5/8
Depth: 12-3/4
Weight: 32-50 lbs.

HeatFlo Electric Unit Heater

LUH Series Electric
Forced Air Heaters

Electric Forced Air Heaters
ranging in size from 2.0 kw
up to 45 kw.  Primarily for
Industrial accounts.

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