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Superior RadiantEnerco High Intensity Infrared Heaters, 8060 NPP, 8060 NDSP-5, 4040 LPP, 4040 NDSP-5, 4040 LA-5, 4040 LPP, H25N, H22L, HS25N, HS25L, MH25N, MH22L, 9100SRinnaiChromalox HVH, KUH Electric Garage and shop heatersFostoria Industries (TPI, Corp.)Mr. Heater, MH42T, MH24T, MH12T, H25N, H22L, Construction Heater, outdoor heater, salamander heater, HS55FAV, MH55FAV, HS80CV, MH80 CV, HS200CV, MH200VCQmark
            About  Infra-Red Products Supply, Inc.

Since 1986 Infra-Red Products Supply has distinquished itself as one of the leading factory representatives and distributors of gas infra-red radiant heating equipment in all of North America. With extensive factory training and years of "hands-on" field experience, we have developed a comprehensive understanding of residential, commercial and industrial heating equipment and methods including, but not limited to, gas and electric infra-red space heating, convective forced air, freeze control, outdoor patio heating, make-up air systems, process heating and much more.  This vast experience gives us the ability to engineer and design heating systems tailored to our customer's specific requirements and, combined with such a broad product offering, recommend the most suitable system for the job.

In addition to a comprehensive understanding of thermal dynamics and heat transfer methods, we have the core business, organizational and operational competency to plan, manage and procure projects from start to finish.  Attention to detail in the total project is what sets us apart from other suppliers. Our business philosophy is to give our customers the type of products and service that will merit their future support and help them become more profitable and successful.

One example of this philosophy is in the time and energy we spend to promote our Superior Radiant gas infra-red tube heaters.  Knowing why Superior Radiant is the best in the industry gives engineers more confidence that they have specified the best, gives contractors a system that is easier to install, ensures fewer nuiscance call-backs for servicemen, and helps building owners know they got the highest quality and most reliable system in the industry.  See "Why Choose Superior Radiant" to learn more.

We commit valuable resources to provide our clients with all the tools they need to be more successful including training, catalogs, literature, technical assistance and a warehouse of local inventory and parts to ensure they will have what they need, when they need it.  This investment on our part makes Infra-Red Products Supply, Inc. the undisputed leader in the industry.  To find out more about us or our products, please click "Contact Us" or give us a call.  We're here to help!
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