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Superior GR Series Garage/Shop Heater
The GR series garage/shop heater (by Superior Radiant) is the ultimate heater approved for residential garages and shops.  This infra-red radiant heater emits soft, quiet, comfortable radiant warmth to any space.  The blanced dlue construction draws combustions air in through a 4" air inlet pipe.  A 2" pipe fits inside the 4" pipe for the exhaust.  This makes the RE completely self-contained and very efficient.  THE BEST CHOICE for dusty or contaminated areas such as wood working shops.  This heater is also great for covered patios, pavillions and commerical spaces such as restaurants, entryways, commerical workshops and a host of other applications.  

Model GR30  (30,000 BTU/Hr).  Heats up to 600 square feet.
Model GR45  (45,000 BTU/Hr.)  Heats up to 900 square feet.

Dimensions:  113" L,  15 1/2" W,  7 1/2" H
Natural or LP Gas
Preassembled Construction - no loose parts - simple installation.
Direct Spark Ignition.
Concentric flue draws outside air in and vents out the side wall
  through the same 4" flue pipe.  8 feet of vent pipe comes
  with the heater.
Thermal efficiencies above 82%
Aluminized Heat Treated radiant tube emitter - will not rust.
Approved to residential standards in virtually all municipalities.
Self diagnostic ignition module.
Hangs on a 0-45 degree angle.
Thermostat and flex gas connector included.

Clearance to Combustibles:

Horizontal Mounting:
Top      Side      Bottom
2"        18"          50"

45 Degree Angle:
Top                            Side                                   Bottom
3"          3" (on down side)  48" (on up side)            48"

Note: This heater is designed to side wall vent.  If roof venting is desired, the manufacturer offers a B-vent adapter, which converts the heater to a B-vent heater to enable roof exhaust.  Please consult for more details.

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