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HeatStar HSU 45 Garage/Shop Heater
Heat Star HSU Unit Heater
For those who want a gas forced air garage heater, the HeatStar model HSU45 is the answer.  Easily heats a 2 or 3 car garage (up to 900 square feet depending on ceiling height, insulation, etc.).  Features include:

-  Quiet operation
-  Low profile design
-  Power exhaust allows for vertical or horizontal venting
      with 3" flue pipe
-  Designed for right or left side gas piping, electrical and
      flue connections by simply rotating 180 degrees
-  Tubular heat exchanger form maximum efficiency and longer life
-  Spark ignition - features self-diagnositc control module
-  5- Year Warranty on parts and burner
-  10- Year Warranty on heat exchanger
-  Requires only 1" clearance from ceiling with 2 angle
      brackets included
-  Cabinet size:  12" High x 18" Deep x 25" Long
-  Approved for residential and commercial use
-  Competitive price

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