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Oil Fired Infrared Heater
(Compare to the VAL6 EPX)

The HS155-IR 155,000 BTUH Oil fired heater is the perfect temporary heating solution on the job site. Unlike forced air salamander heaters (often called torpedo heaters), The HS155-IR is designed to throw intense radiant heat energy more efficiently, cleanly and quietly to to a target area. 

Why the HS155-IR Oil Fired Infrared Heater?

To answer that question, it’s important to understand how heat is measured and transferred.

Unfortunately, the BTU ratings shown on gas heaters is typically derived from what is consumed, not on the ability of the appliance to convert fuel to heat energy. In other words, the BTU input rarely equals the BTU output!

So the question is - What percentage of consumed fuel is perfectly combusted? We call this the fuel to energy conversion ratio. The ideal heater is one that combusts fuel perfectly. The HS155-IR infrared heater has virtually 100% fuel to energy conversion.

How? The HS155-IR heater has a coned-shaped heat chamber that generates near perfect fuel/air mixing through a highly efficient atomization process, enabling the heat disk to reach an optimal 1500 degrees F. As a result of the near-perfect combustion process, the HS155-IR is virtually odor-free. For a diesel or kerosene fired heater, that’s an amazing feat!

Conventional forced air heaters, by nature, convert less fuel to actual heat energy because 1) the fuel/air mixture is much less efficient and 2) the method of heat transfer (convection) pushes more heat into empty unused spaces, such as the ceiling. By contrast, the HS155-IR heats tactically. By directing infrared energy to objects and people, less heat is wasted to the ambient air.  As objects that absorb the heat become warm, the surrounding air also becomes warm. 

Conventional heaters simply waste heat energy, costing as much as three times more in operational costs! In fact, a 155,000 BTU HS155-IR heater can do the same job as a 400,000 BTU salamander heater.

Finally, the HS155-IR is unaffected by wind or rain. In all weather conditions, the infrared energy emitted from the heat disk is uninhibited by the elements.

In summary, the HS55-IR:

  1. Transmits more heat energy per BTU than conventional heaters
  2. Produces quiet, clean, odorless heat
  3. Saves a bundle in operating costs
  4. Is excellent for both indoor and outdoor use

 HS155-IR Features and Specifications:

- 155,000 BTU/hr. Input
- 3 Tier Air Cooled Combustion Chamber
- Odorless, Clean, Smoke Free Operation
- Impervious to Nature's Elements
- 100% Energy Conversion
- Floor Shield (protects combustible floors from heat damage)
- 17 Gallon Fuel Tank
- Uses #1 Fuel Oil, Diesel or Kerosene
- Heater Weight - 171 lbs.
- Removable, Cleanable Stainless Filter (no need to buy disposable filters!)
- Protective Steel Body (shields controls and components from job site damage)
- Great for construction job sites, indoors, outdoors, factories, workshops, aircraft hangars, warehouses, loading docks, paint prepping, drywall prepping and so much more. 

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